Lila Burns plays the Ukulele (Demo)

by Lila Burns

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Songs written/recorded in the past two years on ukulele, mandolin, accordion, etc.


released June 13, 2011



all rights reserved


Lila Burns Kingston, Washington

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Track Name: Just What We Needed
one day the clouds just parted
and the blue just bled right out
hitting almost every corner
spilling all over the ground
and i thought "this just what we needed"
and i said "this is just what we needed"
and we raised our hands as we breathed in

one day the grass seemed greener
like it never felt so alive
and it just seemed to stretch for miles
now i never want to close my eyes
and i thought "this is just what we needed"
and i said "this is just what we needed"
and we spread our toes as we breathed in

one day the water looked clearer
like it only just poured in then
and the way that the light bounced off it
its like the surface returned our grins
and i thought "this is just what we needed"
and i said "this is just what we needed"
and we held our breath as we jumped in

i don't have to look far to see something
so amazing it just steals my breath
and i don't have to walk far to see the things
that will always live in my head

one day the trees seemed taller
like they wanted to touch the sky
every branch tried hard to reach sunlight
and the birds seemed to fly so high
and i thought "this is just what we needed"
and i said "this is just what we needed"
and we just laughed as we climbed them
Track Name: Young Hearts Young Minds
you may think its weird that i believe in ghosts
but if you were bored with nothing to do
you might find you'd do the same thing too
and float around town
just sing out loud goin oo oo oo-oo oo-oo

and you may think its odd
how sometimes i read my horoscope and live by every word
just to laugh about it later
cos none of it will matter
and the whole darn time i'll just keep singing
oo oo oo-oo oo-oo

young hearts
and young minds
and old souls
who are so kind / who i'm lucky just to find

you may think its funny how i don't mind never moving out this county
cos i'm sure that theres still treasures
even through all the bad weather
and home is nothing special
its just what i know so far, cos otherwise all i know is oo oo oo

and you may think its childish that i live like this
head so far up in the clouds
and not a single thought of coming down
and we will stay here as long as it feels good
clapping our hands
singing oo oo oo-oo oo-oo
Track Name: Driven
seemingly at a standstill
become a bit afflicted
we're just questions without answers
finding where to be directed
they say "you don't have to go to school
but you damn well better know where you are headed"
but we're headed to the end
of the road just past the bend
and i'm just hear to watched the shoulder go by
blurring more and more the faster that we drive

who put up these power lines
and when did they go up
and where do they lead to
cos i hope that i end up
with just as many heart strings across
these long long roads,
across these many many miles
and into many many homes i'm gonna see
just wait and see

i always have a plan
but its forever subjected to
change at any single moment
cos who i am right now
may not be who i am tomorrow
and i know this all too well
i know this all too well

there ain't no maps to read
and there ain't no signs at all
in fact theres only you and where you
think that you have got to crawl to
i hope someday i can live where there ain't no roads at all
where i can wake up every morning to tiny bird calls
saying "we know that you have come so far,
and i hope you know how lucky you are"
believe me i'll know

and we'll
drive, drive, drive,
till we can't
drive, drive, drive,
till we can't
drive, drive, drive anymore
Track Name: Forget to Remember
if there's a place that you've called home for ages but haven't been to in years / take a drive just so that you'll remember how it is you got here / if there is something that you love like family but haven't seen in months / call them up just so you'll hear their voice ...and remember how you were once / i don't' want to forget anything that's ever happened / i just want to remember every time we sat here laughin
Track Name: Summersong
in my life i've never met a soul so kind as someone who is happy just being there at all--who could go anywhere and do anything and know that it's the right thing to do at least right now. lets hit the road and drive somewhere just to sing along with our favorite songs and let the wind mess up our hair. lets look for treasure in the tallest clouds and lets meet some new people in the biggest crowds cos you know that i would drive all night just to see you when it starts getting light when the birds start waking up sayin come on its time to have some fun. i remember back last september we had to part our ways. but now that we're back here barely unpacked here were having the longest days wasting time and playing music and having a beer or two telling stories and telling jokes you have no idea how good it is to see you how you been? what have you been up to these days. oh just forget it, we have the whole season to catch eachother up
Track Name: Zombie Song
it's the end of human kinda as we know it, every man for himself. there probably are survivors somewhere, but they'll need a whole lot of help. watch them, want to eat them up real good, but can't help feeling bad. they still have a heart that beats loudly and i just want to attack them.

night and day of the living dead, i got bit, and then it spread. now everyone is just like me, but you should know that i'm so so sorry.

i used to have a job, and i used to have some friends, but now thanks to me most have met their ends. there's no one i can talk to it just comes out all as growls. don't want you to be scared but you should probably run away now.
Track Name: Words
don't be scared of things you say
don't be scared of things you've ever said
cos those words can only hurt you
if they stay locked inside your pretty head

they ricochet
they ricochet
right off the walls and start to crumble
they spin around
they spin around
until your mind begins to rumble

think about it
think about it
you could analyze forever
but don't forget that
don't forget that
now is always better than never

just take the time
to take the time
and over time those words may be forgotten
say yes or no
or do or don't
and we will simply take what we have gotten

someone would have said it
just be glad that it was you
you tasted every letter
and you'r a e i o u's

and isn't it better when it finally escapes
so your carefully picked words have the time to resonate

say it for the
say it for the
people that never had the breath
there's no question
there's no question
worth the weight to carry to your death
Track Name: Insomnia Lullaby
how to keep with it all
gotta close-your-eyes sometimes / gotta save all your breath
can't stay-awake forever / and hold back your farewells

cos forever aint comin
and yesterday's gone
but now is right now is right now is right now for now

i have got questions that no one can answer / that i cannot answer
cos i haven't found the right words as of yet / and they aint gonna find their solutions at all

i'm so tired that
my head's tilted right
but my head just keeps spinning try as i might
to think nothing is nothing, but i can't clear my head / nothing is working, and i can't sleep a wink
of the clearest damn thoughts, while i'm lying in bed / cos i think and i think and i think thoughts unsaid
clarity unseen by day / why won't these thoughts go away

the night can feel SO long
cos its Only you and a 3-quarter moon
Track Name: Seasons
somehow i will find the time to soak up all the suns rays before the clouds roll in and darken up our days before the water turns black and the sky turns grey and the birds fly south and the cold cold rains

but the trees are still beautiful when all the leaves die and you always feel better after a long hard cry and if you just stop looking then you're bound to find those things you always knew you needed but just didn't know why

and when winter gets here, and those cold winds blow on days it barely gets light out, and it just might snow just-think back to those days that were so nice and warm when you reveled in the beauty that-comes before a storm

cos spring comes so fast you just can't prepare for so many bright colors and the sweet sweet air and you can make up all the plans that lay ahead for you and you're a whole year older and a whole year new

the rain drop always travels back up to its rain cloud and then it makes it back into the ground water it sees the whole world before it falls here
again and the sapling spends its whole life just growing taller while everything around it just gets smaller and everything is different when it's all grown up

somehow i will find the time to soak up all the sun's rays before anything changes and i number my days cos a blue sky is as beautiful as one that's all grey and we can pass along our stories with the next big rain
Track Name: I heard a Song
i heard a song that knew me better than myself. it knew my past, my present, my future, and everything else, but it couldn't tell me everything that i wanted to know cos deep down i knew i would have to live my life all on my own so...

i walked right by my former self the other day, almost didn't recognize the face of so much change. but i know i should remember what i thought i used to know cos somehow it'll be the one to tell me where i've gotta go so...

i've seen alot but it's not enough, i've tried alot but it's not enough, i've done alot but it's not enough, i've felt alot but it's not enough, i've learned alot but it's not enough, i've grown alot but it's not enough, i've sung alot but it's not enough, i've played alot but it's not enough.

just remembered everything that i ever forgot, so much that i'm proud of but so much that i am not.. but there's nothing wrong with feeling good or feeling bad sometimes, both are both important parts of how we live our lives so...
Track Name: 20 YRS
been around for almost two decades seen things change and things stay the same but i know you've had to come face to face with the tiniest things that have changed this place but it's all about what you make of it, make a change or just let things sit, cos you're only on this world for so long and its up to you to find right and wrong yourself. what made you tick for all the years you lived when time sped up so fast that you wish you could get it back. what will you do for all the years to come no idea but know that there is somethign meant for you, it's up to you
Track Name: Knicknack
theres a story for every little chotchky
who made it and who got it brand new
and who said someday i wanna make this knicknack and
i hope that it finds its way to you

now i'm a bit forgetful so i don't throw things away
and i know i'll never play with these toys
but every now and then i run across these things again
and remember when they gave me some joy

like this one is from grandma, and this one's from my friend
and this one is the one i just found
and over time they may just sit and gather dust
but part of me likes having them around

their lives might not be quite like ours are
but their stories are just as real
they grow just as old as we choose to grow ourselves
and they all know just how we feel
Track Name: Love Song
lay it back on the backs of your eyelids before you forget
that dream that felt like it could just last forever though you might never see it again
didn't the details just fade away
and everything seemed just right
though you swear you've never been there
its like you lived your whole life there last night

born into a world that only you could think up
met everyone again while lying in your bed
and it's all in your head
but your mind can be as big as you need it to be
and i need it to be just big enough to think about you and me

i'm only singing this cos there's no words to say
about the things i've been dreaming of day after day
after days of consuming thoughts of you
this song was the only other thing i could do
and it's pretty darn indirect but every bit is true
it's for you, oo

but dreams are only dreams
if you keep them that way
and shooting stars never
tell you what to say
how long will you wait for "someday"
Track Name: All Over the Place
its gonna be a long hwile before i can't smell campfire upon my winter jacket, but i kinda like it there and i am still finding lots of bug bites and my suitcase lays in wait for my to clean up the remains, cos its all over the place and i'm all over the place

cos coming back home always brings the good and bad along, and i hate leaving anywhere and i hate leaving anyting behind

so i'll leave lots of little clues around my messy messy room to tell you where we'll meet again someday, and please read between the lines and try real hard to read my mind because i really want someday to happen soon.

cos i wouldn't keepsake a single thing under my name if everyone i loved could tag along, but i love them all too much and try real hard to stay in touch cos i'd rather they be elsewhere then be gone.

and if my car should break down i'll fucking walk to your town though i know you'd always meet me halfway, wherever that my be will seem just right to you and me and we'll laugh the distance off and walk away.

these months turned to weeks and these weeks turned to days and i know that when these days turn into hours, i'll be thinking of the times that we had no concept of time and when time will once again be fully ours.
Track Name: Northbest
i love being back in the pacific northwest for the summer. this is basically what i've been up to in a nutshell.

coming back north its like i never left home
it all happened so fast for feeling all too slow
but the interstate kept all of these people on my mind
and you'll find it gets greener every mile that you drive

north east south best coast to stay near though
if you left for new heights it'll still be here
because the monumental mountains maintain the kind of
temperament for temperate conditions and living every minute

lets find us a place between the water and the trees
and just enjoy being here just you and me
and we'll acknowledge how fucked up things can be sometimes
but by dumb luck or something magic we turned out just fine

just say anything at all and let the echo talk back
cos these trees still remember the first time you laughed
and when you cried or yelled or felt anything at all
do you ever wonder how these giants grow so tall

I may not know exactly who i am
but i know where i'm at home

took a walk down to the water sometime last night
and saw where the waves turned into the sky
and how a city so close still felt a world away
from the secret sandy shores under where i stayed

and it got so silent like we'd always been there
at the edge of the world without a single care
growing roots deep down into the mainland's ground
cos we were born right out of the puget sound

I may not know exactly who i am
but i know where i'm at home

the water never sparkled as bright as right now
so that the way it lights up makes you wonder how
the air is getting warmer w/ less and less clouds
after 3 wet seasons it's all worth it right now

the great outdoors gets greater by the day
and theres only so much that i can manage to say
to capture the contrasts of the cool cool shade
and the white hot sand under where i lay

theres nothing like a fire as the sun goes down
letting everything around slowly fade right out
until the only thing i see are the brightest faces of
the people i have found in this amazing place

I may not know exactly who i am
but i know where i'm at home
and home is here
it's the best damn time of the year
Track Name: Timeline (Outro)
i don't want to know what happens next
because your words are just the best
and you always know just what to say

and if i'd been in my head just thinking
where i might be headed
i know i'd have missed your sentiments
for days

cos the past and the future
got together and conspired
knowing now was their time to run away

because there's nothing like the present
and i promise to be present
cos i know its always better this way

and i had to keep a timeline on the palms of my hands
so i'd never forget our times together
but i'm filling in the blanks
between the spelling mistakes
cos i know someday these hands will start to wither

i've always been a child
and we have always acted wild
but know that this won't stop until our hairs turn white as snow

and though the seasons change
and we can't help but age a little
we can take eachother with us where we want to go

in our minds and hearts
we have the planets and the stars
and a solar system made of people we adore

and each trip around the sun
we all just tag along for fun
and cross our fingers it'll be like this forever more

and i had to keep a timeline on the palms of my hands
so i'd never forget our times together
but i'm filling in the blanks
between the spelling mistakes
cos i know someday these hands will start to wither

don't keep anything that you posses
except for the mementos in your head